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Angela Scott, Author of Anyone? & Desert Rice


"Finding an editor that you feel comfortable with, who sees your vision, and understands your voice can be a daunting process. I can assure you that Stevie Mikayne is one of the finest editors I have ever worked with. Her approach is professional yet approachable, and as I worked with her I not only grew in my confidence as an author, but felt as though she truly wanted to see my project succeed. She showed me how tweaking a few words and reorganizing a sentence could take a scene from one level to the next. She showed me what worked and what didn’t, and always left the ultimate decision to make changes up to me. The things I learned from Stevie has made me a better writer." 

Eleanor T. Beaty, author of Naawe


"I have had the opportunity [to work] with Stevie on several projects and have enjoyed the experience. Editing is not an easy task, nor a joyous one, but when you work with an editor who cares about your work it makes every rewrite less painful and more fulfilling. Stevie has been a teacher to me as well as a great editor. I hope to relive the experience many times more!

Thank you Stevie!!" 

K.M. Hodge, Author of Red on the Run


 "Stevie is an awesome editor. She has a good sense or humor and always offers suggested fixes for the problems she identifies. Her editing is helping develop me into a better writer. I highly recommend her." 



Amelia James, Amazon Bestselling author of Tell Me You Want Me

Stevie Mikayne is more than an editor--she's a teacher. I've learned so much about writing. She understands an author's voice and vision, and she can take a good story and make it great.  

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